• Kelly Mitchell

    Kelly Mitchell

    Kelly Mitchell been has been selling jewelry since her teens, when she earned a gold bracelet for convincing numerous people to attend a family friend’s trunk show. She liked the pieces – but it was more about the challenge of getting people to come. She worked for Bailey Banks & Biddle while attending college in Kalamazoo, MI, and for supplier Nova Stylings after graduating. Then a South African diamond company hired her to sell loose stones to private clients all over the globe. In 1994 she started her own private practice, Rede Diamond, serving similar clientele.

    “I’m not gonna lie” she says. “That was a blast. I got to see many glimpses of so many people’s lives in so many different countries. It was a really amazing time, because you could still get around with a suitcase full of loose stones.”

    But insurers gradually became more timid about covering that kind of expedition, and Kelly had grown weary of spending days away from home. In 2009 she started her own retail operation out of another jeweler’s space in Dallas, and in 2012 began looking for her own location. Today Kelly operates her namesake at the Shops of Highland Park.

  • Susan Tacito

    Susan Tacito

    Susan has lived in the Park Cities and has been a pillar in the community for more than 25 years. She brings her great style, her love of the community, and her bubbly personality to the store each day. She is great at helping clients find their own style.

  • Denise Priewe

    Denise Priewe

    Denise has been involved in retail and design for more than two decades. She cut her teeth as a clothing store owner in Oklahoma and managed a retail outlet in Dallas for eleven years. She then worked with a Dallas interior designer for several years before moving to a design showroom in the Dallas Design District. She has worked with Kelly Mitchell as a sales assoicate for the last several years. Denise is actively involved with CASA working as a child advocate.

  • Jorge Ramirez

    Jorge Ramirez

    Jorge is a master jeweler with over 35 years of experience. He has the ability to create just about anything a client can draw or imagine. His old school techinuques rival the technology of modern shops. He can carve, cast, and render to perfection. His gifts as a jeweler are unmatched.

  • Steve Dawkins

    Steve Dawkins

    Steve is co-owner of Kelly Mitchell. After graduating from the Air Force Academy, Steve spent six years as an officer in the development and procurement arm of the Air Force. He then worked for 12 years in management consulting as a strategy and operations consultant. Steve has focused his last 14 years in retail commercial real estate in various leadership roles. Steve supports the store with marketing and general operations.

  • Martha Fordyce

    Martha Fordyce

    Martha started her career at Neiman Marcus as a buyer for over 16 years. She joined Herm├ęs of Paris in 1995 where she oversaw all buying including fine jewelry and store management for the next 22 years. Her passion is fine jewelry and she transitioned from being a client to joining the Kelly Mitchell team.

  • Edel Heatley

    Edel Heatley

    Edel started her career in her home country of Ireland and has a long history in jewelry Design. Her collaboration with Kelly Mitchell has afforded her to continue to foster her creativity, focus on clients, and deliver a memorable in store experience. Edel is always willing to do whatever it takes to curate an experience that is “just right” for each individual client.

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